Spread the joy of reading with a National Book Token Gift Card or eGift to spend in major book retailers, independents & online

National Book Tokens started in 1932 when at Christmas, the publisher Harold Raymond noticed that out of the many gifts received by his friends and family, only 3 were books. In Harolds opinion, a book made a better gift than a ‘hatpin, ornament, photo frame or ash tray’, yet many people found it difficult to give a book as a gift, in fear of choosing the wrong one. This is where the invention of the National Book Token occurred. Ninety years later, Harolds invention continues to go strong, allowing people across the UK and Ireland to share their enjoyment of reading with friends and family.

So, what are National Book Token Gift Cards or eGifts used for? Businesses around the UK and Ireland use them to reward customers, employees, and clients by giving the gift of their favourite book. They can be used for consumer promotions to improve loyalty and retention, and build goodwill, or could be used as an incentive, reward or thank you. Employers use National Book Token Gift Cards or eGifts for rewards or sales incentives such as recognising hard working staff or can even be used to enhance staff skills or productivity. National Book Token Gift Cards are good for schools and education establishments as they can motivate, inspire, and support learners or encourage reading for pleasure. They can be used for awards to recognise good attendance, achievement, or participation and can even be used as a competition prize. National Book Token Gift Cards and eGifts can also be used to help students buy their textbooks and learning materials. They sponsor World Book Day, which is the largest celebration of reading in the UK and Ireland.

So where can National Book Tokens be used? They are accepted in all major book retailers across the UK and Ireland, including WHSmith, Waterstones, Blackwells, Easons, John Smith and Foyles. They can also be used online at Bookshop.org, Blackwells.co.uk, Foyles.co.uk, Hatchards.co.uk and Waterstones.com in the UK, and at Bookstation.ie, Omahonys.ie and Blackwells.co.uk in Ireland.

They are also accepted in independent book shops, and there are lots of great reasons why you should shop here. As well as providing local jobs, and being a key part of the community, owners of independent book shops are passionate about reading and can provide great recommendations. Also, going into a bookshop often allows you to find something you never would have discovered online, and of course, going into an independent bookshop is simply a magical experience!

A big advantage of buying a National Book Token Gift Card in particular is that it is environmentally friendly. It is printed on FSC-certified board rather than plastic which means it is made from paper products made from well-managed forests or recycled materials.

A Gift Card or eGift for National Book Tokens can be loaded up to £250 and can be used for all different kinds of books, from fiction to reference and school textbooks and can be purchased through VEX Corporate today.

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