Supermarket Gift Cards

Food, Clothes and Life’s Essentials

Help address the Cost of Living with the VEX Supermarket Gift Card, redeemable for all major UK supermarkets

A simple way to offer a little helping hand to your staff

Rising inflation means everyday prices are noticeably higher, putting pressure on household incomes and pressure on your staff.

The VEX Supermarket Gift Card can be exchanged for e-Gifts and physical gift cards covering every major supermarket brand. Your recipient gets a welcome boost whilst continuing to shop at their favourite store. Available in multiple formats this product is the ideal way to assist your staff in a positive and targeted way.

Available as physical gift cards, printed codes, email or SMS versions, the VEX Supermarket Gift Card is targeted towards food, clothing and household essentials.

It’s likely your business is considering how to support its employees as they face up to rising costs in energy, food and household essentials. Having to make difficult financial decisions at home impacts directly on a person’s well-being and overall happiness. This in turn impacts on performance in the workplace. Employers now have an opportunity to play a significant, positive role in mitigating the worse impacts on individuals with appropriate financial assistance. A growing number of progressive companies and organisations are now offering discretionary support in the form of supermarket vouchers.

The VEX Supermarket Gift Card is specifically designed for employers wanting to offer a helping hand to their workforce. Refined to mainstream supermarket brands the product is focused on providing a timely boost to family spending, allowing spend on everyday items found in these stores whilst excluding use on non-essential items such as holidays, experiences and leisure interests.

Flexible, efficient format options

Available as a physical Gift Card, download as multiple eGifts in spreadsheet format or arrange for mass fulfilment via email or SMS.

Dedicated Redemption Site

Recipients choose what they want – exchange in full or part for Supermarket gift cards and eGifts

All Major Supermarket Brands

Range includes Tesco, Aldi, Waitrose, M&S, ASDA and Sainsbury’s

VEX Supermarket Gift Cards How they work

Speak with our friendly sales team about using VEX Supermarket Gift Cards in your business. We can tailor-make packages including personalised packaging using your logo and message. This product can be delivered in e-Gift format direct to one or many recipients via email or SMS. Or in physical gift card format via post to UK addresses.

Once received, recipients use the unique details on each code to access the redemption site online. Any one of the listed supermarket gift cards can be selected. Alternatively a combination of supermarkets can be chosen. Codes can be part-spent or topped up using a debit or credit card. For convenience VEX Supermarket Gift Cards can also be stored in Apple or Google Wallets. Selected digital vouchers are delivered instantly. These are delivered in a ‘live’ state ready to shop instore. Physical vouchers take 2-3 days to arrive.

Recipients have up to 3 years to use their VEX Supermarket Gift Cards. Once exchanged, each individual supermarket has its own expiry date with a minimum of one year.

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