Our Refunds platform – Using The Full Power Of Digital eGifts

API-based solution linking your returns department to VEX Rewards and instant eGift delivery

Instant retail returns managed by VEX Reward

Handling returns and refunds is part and parcel of retail, but it’s a costly business and a slow refund process can quickly lead to lost customers.

The VEX Refunds Platform integrates with your returns system, ordering up new refunds eGifts in real-time as eligible product returns are processed. Refund eGifts are delivered direct to your customer, keeping the spend within your brand and radically improving on turnaround time.

  • Effective refund processing
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Maintains spend within brand
  • Significant cost savings

Radically improve your returns & refunds process

Many large Retailers (as well as non-Retailers) have moved to using the VEX Customer Service platform in their call and contact centres.

Clients such as Argos, IKEA, John Lewis, Primark and TKMaxx previously resolved compensation using physical gift cards which took a long time to process and were expensive to administer. Now customers can be served up first-line-fixes with call handlers able to assign an eGift within seconds.

Our clients tell us how agitated calls can be moved into positive territory with conversations moving away from the complaint issue to how their eGift will be spent. Other clients tell us the VEX CS Platform has halved the cost of sending compensation gifts to customers.


Reporting & Audit

Full Reporting Suite showing who’s gifted what, to whom, why and when. User setting determine individual award levels with manager’s approval functions.

Large Range of Retail eGifts

Lock down to your own Retail brand product or equip your instance with multiple products covering hundreds of Retailers and category sectors.

Secure & Reliable

Secure, GDPR, fully-encrypted active-active hosting environment

Physical Gift Extension

Physical product extensions covering gift cards, gift vouchers, ambient gifts backed by full physical fulfilment service

Competitive Pricing

Annual licence fee of £1750.00, plus unit fee per code issued applied to Retailers issuing own brand eGifts. Non-retailers are billed at eGift face-value – no other costs apply.

Download our Refunds infographic here.

IKEA uses VEX CS Platform


UK and ROI call centre use with instant compensation enabled.

John Lewis Uses Vex CS Platform

John Lewis

Customer Service supported by email delivery of JLP eGifts.

Primark uses VEX CS Platform


Euro & Sterling solution supporting Primark & Penneys brands

Primark uses VEX CS Platform


Multi-currency, multi-language solution for international CS use.

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