Gift Card Management Platform (GCMP)

Introducing the a powerful self-service platform used by Retailer’s corporate customers

Specialist B2B pre-paid management software

The Gift Card Management Platform (GCMP) is used by large retailers with significant, large gift card and eGift turnover. It allows retailers to manage all aspects of their corporate pre-paid processes with pre-approved customers able to self-serve (manually or via API) gift cards and eGifts either in bulk or individually.

The platform drives efficiencies, improves turnaround times and customer satisfaction; reduces administration costs and introduces a range of new reporting and insights.


The Voucher Express GCMP features extensive reporting offering a detailed viewpoint of all transactions and events logs.


Fully configurable to your brand, the GCMP is able to meet all the requirements of a corporate customer – providing a range of functionality to self-serve physical gift cards and digital content.

Key Functionality includes:

Download eGifts and Gift Cards in bulk

Self-serve digital eGifts and/or physical stock in live or dormant status. Load on demand features allow Users to add value as required

Integration with Finance Systems

Financial control. The GCMP integrates with the retailer’s accounting systems to ensure each client’s orders fits within payment terms.

Secure, reliable, protected

The GCMP offers a secure, fortified trading environment, built within an ISO27001 environment and exceeding all industry best standards.

Physical Distribution via Voucher Express

Benefit from reliable, scalable distribution of physical gift cards, next day, to multiple or individual addresses.

Constant Support

The Voucher Express GCMP is supported by an expert team of IT professionals offering around-the-clock technical support and assistance on this mission-critical industry solution.

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