For authentic, competitively priced wine along with on-hand advice, choose Laithwaites Wine

After travelling to Bordeaux in the 60s, Tony Laithwaite ignited a passion for wines. He started his first branch under a railway arch in Windsor and Eaton Railway Station which he rented for £20 a month from British Rail.

Despite growing to 10 stores across the UK, Tony still knows each one of his producers on a personal level, continuing to share his wines with his nearest and dearest. The company admits that they buy wine from people who love making it, which is the small, family run wineries. For Laithwaites Wine, its not just a profession, but a way of life, which shows in the quality of their product.

Laithwaites claim they owe everything to the many family growers and wine lovers they support and serve every day. To ensure that customers taste the best, they taste 40,000 bottles a year with just 800 bottles making the grade for quality, character, and value.

They pride themselves on keeping things simple by offering authentic wines that are competitively priced. Plus, Laithwaites have their very own wine advisory team. So, if you’re stuck on choosing a great wine for a wedding, a perfect food pairing or anything else you’re unsure on, customers can speak with an advisor for expert advice. Customers at Laithwaites come back time and again thanks to the free delivery on 24+ bottles, award winning wines and unparalleled customer service. However, if a customer is unhappy with their purchase, they can even get their money back!

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