Discover affordable, trend-led styles and inspiration with H. Samuel

H. Samuel was started in 1821 by Moses and Lewis Samuel who opened a silversmith and clock making business in Liverpool. In 1862, the business gained its current name, when Harriet Samuel took over the business from his father-in-law. At that time, Harriet moved into a new premises in Market Street, Manchester where he started to run the new mail order side of the business.

Further stores opened in the late 1800s, and by 1912, a new larger store opened in Birmingham.

During World War Two, H. Samuel provided people with watches and jewellery. After the war, the business was taken over by Gilbert and Robert, Harriet’s grandsons. By this point, the company had over 200 stores in the UK.

A big turning point for the business was 1984 when it acquired the James Walker Group, doubling its portfolio in the UK. It then merged with the Ratner Group, bringing its store portfolio to 550 stores. In the early 90s, the business was re-named The Signet Group and considered the world’s largest specialist jeweller.

By 2021 and 2022, the business had over 200 stores across the UK and Ireland which was the perfect time to launch a new brand identity and mission: To become the go to retailer for jewellery and watches across the UK, providing affordable, trend led styles and inspiration to the everyday jewellery lover.

Today, H. Samuel have over 300 stores worldwide with knowledgeable staff who provide helpful advice and aftersales service. Customers can also shop online for home delivery or free in-store collection.

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