With a mouth-watering mix of affordable savouries and sweet treats, Greggs has something for everyone!

Over eighty years ago, John Gregg came up with a simple idea- to deliver fresh eggs and yeast by bike to the families of Newcastle. After 10 years of hard work, he was able to set up his very first store in Gosforth. Many years later, this has grown to over 2000 stores! His first store is still there, but these days, it looks very different to how it was.

In time, Greggs opened more and more stores all over the UK, and as this happened, their menu was adjusted to suit the ever-changing tastes of the British people. For customers who have been loyal to Greggs for a long time, they are likely to remember the days before vegan sausage rolls or freshly ground fairtrade espressos! But no matter what has changed over the years, Greggs are pleased to never use artificial colours, flavours, trans fats or MSGs.

Since the early days, Greggs have always been committed to giving something back. In the 60s, many older people in the North East were treated to pie and pea suppers. Fast forward to today and Greggs are equally committed to doing good for the communities they serve. They achieve this through their very own Greggs Foundation, plus their working links to over 100 partners.

Just some of their recent good deeds include providing 7.5 million free wholesome breakfasts to primary school children each year and raising over £30 million for a childrens cancer charity.

Greggs are a family and we’re named one of the happiest places to work in the UK. It doesn’t matter who their customers are, where they’re from or what their favourite pasty is. When they go in store, they will be treat like family too!

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