Choose from over half a million international destinations from major brands with the Global Hotel eGift Card is the first online travel agency to offer eGift cards to the incentive industry, loyalty programmes, employee reward programmes and retail sale in both third party and online shopping sites.

After joining the incentive industry back in 2005, are proud to be powered by one of the worlds largest travel companies, Expedia Group Partner Solutions. This means that are associated with over one hundred of the best retail partners in the incentive sector.

Customers can choose from over half a million worldwide hotels from major brands, resorts, destinations, bed and breakfasts and much more, from major brands such as Marriott, Radisson and Hilton.

Booking online is easy. Customers need to simply head over to then enter their sixteen or nineteen digit code, plus their four to eight digit PIN. Once they’ve done this, they can use their eGift as full or partial payment for their reservation.

VEX Corporate provides digital gifting solutions for organisations of all sizes, with eGifts from the world’s biggest brands guaranteed to delight staff, customers and clients. Explore our growing range of corporate eGift Cards, sent complete with your unique business branding and designed to grant easy, instant access to the UK’s top retailers. Order our Global Hotel eGift Cards today and discover how Voucher Express can transform your reward systems. Available as digital gift cards only.

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