High quality, high performance products accessible to everyone

Decathlon is a family-owned business, founded in 1976. They believe that the best sports products should be accessible to everyone. With over 2000 stores across 56 different countries, they believe in providing customers with high quality and high-performance design at competitive prices. Decathlon is an inclusive business, providing top quality advice to customers of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds, helping them to access products in store, or online at any time.

Decathlon believe that being active and discovering new sport is a key part of life for everyone. They have their very own in-store brands which they develop in their own studios and labs. These are then promoted by their dedicated in-store teams.

Decathlon are an international community of virtually all abilities, from total beginners to semi-professionals. They are sports enthusiasts who have turned their passion into their job, helping everyone who loves sport. Decathlon focus on individual disciplines, using their knowledge and experience to create the best products possible.

Decathlon allow millions of people worldwide to experience their favourite sports, no matter their skill level or age. They are an eco-friendly brand which re-uses plastic bottles in order to stop polluting and damaging the environment.

Their products are stylish yet practical, high quality yet affordable. They are designed with the end user in mind, heavily tested along the way so they only produce the best products possible. Confidence in their products is passed to the end user in the form of a 365 day returns policy, giving people the peace of mind to decide whether a product is for them.

Decathlon believe in allowing customers to test and try products before they purchase them, whether this is trying out a tent, testing clubs in a golf simulator or climbing a bouldering wall. Expert staff are always available to help and answer any technical questions. Decathlon also believe in keeping people healthy through sport and using sustainable production.

This might involve turning plastic bottles into running jackets, using natural fibres to lower carbon footprints or fixing equipment like bikes rather than putting them in landfill. Decathlon believes that this keeps the next generation healthy and able to continue to enjoy sport.

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