The festivities have come to an end and it’s time to get back into the work routine, whether you’re face-to-face with your colleagues in the office once again, or telling someone they’re on mute for the fifth time over Teams. Here’s a small round-up of what we’ve done to beat the January Blues and tackle the dreaded month. Including what you can provide your employees with to ensure a healthy start to the New Year. 

Blue Monday

Monday 17th January was this year’s Blue Monday, known as the most depressing day of the year. We decided to change that by sending out two members of our Retail Team to put a smile on people’s faces, and hopefully add a little bit of brightness to their day! 

Lucy and Meg were out in full force, aiming to brighten people’s days with a little pick-me-up. They left out a few hidden treats in the streets of York for the public to find, as well as handing out fresh flowers to those who needed a boost. Their mission was to turn Blue Monday RED in honour of the Voucher Express branding colours, and they managed to do just that! You can see a few snaps of their day on our LinkedIn page

Healthy Minds Club

January Blues may have crept in, and you might have noticed that your employees aren’t quite themselves, or perhaps need some further support that offers more than a typical pick-me-up. Go the extra mile this year, and offer your employees a Healthy Minds Club Gift Card. 

Their goal is to empower employees to recognise their stressors and build a resilience toolkit to prevent mental health issues, driving optimum performance and productivity for employees to thrive personally and professionally.  

As the UK’s first positive mental health Gift Card, Healthy Minds Club is dedicated to supporting its customers to prevent mental health issues. They do this by identifying potential root causes and enabling the creation of a bespoke resilience plan. They work with a panel of certified and highly qualified experts, understanding what makes up and influences our mental health. 

By offering your employees the Healthy Minds Club Gift Card, you will be rewarded with increased engagement from your staff, driving employee loyalty, avoiding ‘the great resignation’ and nurturing happy and productive employees, by giving exceptional customer service and supporting overall company growth. Can employers afford not to invest in their employees when the benefits are so great? For every £1 invested in employees, Deloitte calculate that the return is £5 – the best investment your company will ever make. 

The Healthy Minds Club Gift Card provides employers with a simple but effective way to empower employee wellbeing and positive mental health. Invest in your employee’s today – not just for January, but for years to come. 

Healthy Minds Club Gift Cards can be redeemed against a growing range of specialist services.

Healthy Minds Club Services:

  • Counsellors
  • Hypnotherapists 
  • Life Coaches 
  • Nutritionists
  • Yoga Experts
  • Health Coaches
  • Personal Trainers
  • Meditation Experts
  • Psychotherapists

If you are interested in offering the Healthy Minds Club Gift Card to your employees, or have any other corporate enquiries, contact the team today at 0371 664 2300, or email

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