Keep your kids entertained with the best loved UK toy shop

The Entertainer has beginnings right back to the 1970s. Gary Grant took his first job at an Amersham bike shop, where he soon discovered a natural talent for buying and selling. During this time, he saw a new craze emerge: custom skateboards. Taking advantage of this, he decided to start selling skateboard accessories in the store he worked. Gary soon realised that customers were going wild for his products, leading him to setting up his very first solo venture.

It was only in 1979 that the business really started to take off. Upon getting married to his wife Catherine, they then bought their first home which doubled up as a warehouse. Soon realising that this arrangement was less than ideal, they invested in their first store in 1981, the ‘Pram and Toy Bar’ while Catherine was also working as a full-time nurse.

As the business expanded, they felt the need to take on some new employees, one of whom is still with The Entertainer as Head of New Store Development.

Today, The Entertainer goes by the mission of being the best loved toy shop in the UK with the aim of offering exceptional customer service. They have now expanded as part of the larger TEAL Groups Holdings which also includes other big name retail brands like the Early Learning Centre and Addo.

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