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The Bodyshop is one of the UK’s most iconic brands. First founded in 1976, by Anita Roddick, the shop had a bigger purpose. The cosmetics company began selling natural-based products, with ethically sourced ingredients with refillable packaging, something that was un-heard of at that time. This pioneering spirit continued and The Bodyshop now has over 200 UK stores.

Anita was a social activist and this has been extended into the business. From selling just 25 products in 1976, The Bodyshop now sells over 300 items and the brand works together with farmers and suppliers ethically without exploitation. The products on offer range from body butters, to facial cleansers, and all products are cruelty free.

The Bodyshop is a fantastic choice for every type of shopper, with a comprehensive skincare range, that addresses many skin concerns. Additionally, their best selling fragrance range has recently expanded, and includes a deliciously smelling body miss, deodorants and home fragrances.

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