Primark sells affordable & sustainable clothing, beauty items, homewares & accessories across 16 countries

Primark started in 1969 as Pennys in Dublin, Ireland. Its aim was to provide affordable clothing for everyone, from high quality everyday essentials to beauty items, homeware, and accessories. Realising the success there, Penneys opened their first store in the UK in Derby, soon growing to 31 stores, making the UK their largest market.

From 2006, Primark went through a huge expansion, opening many new stores around the world. This was spearheaded in 2006, where the first ever store in Madrid, Spain, opened. The store had huge success, and Primark now operates 56 stores there. Further stores were opened in the Netherlands, Europe, Austria, the US, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, and Slovakia.

Primark now exists across 16 countries with over 70,000 colleagues and 400 stores, and these numbers continue to grow, with the aim of reaching 530 stores by the end of 2026 which includes new stores in the brand-new Hungary market. In the UK, the largest ever store opened in Birmingham in 2019, featuring five floors and over 160,000 feet of retail space.

A big priority for Primark is making sustainable fashion available for everyone. Primark wants to extend the lifespan of clothing, protect the planet and support everyone who manufactures Primark products. To make this happen, Primark has set several ambitious goals it wants to achieve by 2030. This includes manufacturing clothes from recycled materials, halving carbon emissions across its value chain and ensuring its supply chain workers have access to living wage. It will allow people to make more sustainable choices when shopping.

In 2018, Primarks own brand cosmetics received ‘Leaping Bunny’ status, recognized from its cruelty free international gold standard certification programme.

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