Taking references from everyday life, Paul Smith has been creating refined yet relaxed outfits for the last 50 years

Paul Smith is Britains leading independent design company based around the values of positivity, curiosity and creativity, values which encompass every Paul Smith design. As a designer, master shopkeeper and majority shareholder, his designs take references from everyday life, like art and music, not to mention his lifelong love of cycling. His products are crafted using fifty years of design knowhow, resulting in a refined yet relaxed look for everyone, whether this is casual trainers, formal shoes, or younger pieces. Paul admits he hopes the next 50 years are creative, maverick, and colourful as the first.

The business itself started in a small three-meter squared shop in Nottingham and has now grown to 130 shops around the world, with locations in more than sixty different countries.

Paul Smith offers a range of different services which include monogramming, virtual appointments and repairs which can be done both in-store and online.

For customers wanting to give their purchases a new lease of life, Paul Smith offers a repair, restore and refresh service, helping to bring tired or outdated items to their former glory. If you want to send a gift for a special occasion, or personalise an exclusive item, Paul Smith can customise them with up to three initials, whether this is a leather wallet, your favourite scarf, or an iPhone case.

Paul Smith offers a complimentary gift wrapping and delivery service, where customers can arrange for gifts to be sent directly to the recipient. Or for those unsure about what outfit or gift to choose, Paul Smith offers both virtual appointments and personal shopping. Virtual appointments can be arranged anywhere in the world with an expert over WhatsApp and appointments are available Monday to Friday between 10am and 6pm. Simply book an appointment through the online form. If you prefer a more personal touch, you can arrange an in-person appointment if you’re based in London.

Paul Smith allows customers to shop in several different ways. Of course, they are welcome to call into the store and browse at their leisure, but for added convenience, customers can also click and collect or telephone and collect their items. If they choose, they can even collect their purchases at the curb side or have items delivered to their home.

Paul Smith offers both bespoke and made to measure outfits, while garments can also be adjusted to fit perfectly. Customers can fully customise their own suit for a perfect fit, choosing their ideal fabrics, colours and finishing touches to suit their body shape and overall character.

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