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Stay ahead of the latest fashion trends with a Next Gift Card from VEX Corporate.

Next is a multinational clothing, footwear and homeware retailer based in Britain with stores across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the UK. Founded in 1864 in Leeds, England, the brand creates trend-focused clothing for the whole family, with affordability and high quality at the core of their fashion-forward collections.

With over 41,000 employees across its 700 global stores, Next has set itself apart for its stand-out products, high fashion lines and chic homeware – becoming one of the UK’s fastest-growing companies and the largest clothing retailer in the UK. Its extensive mail-order and online catalogue stocks its own premium products alongside top brands in clothing, lifestyle and home furnishing to guarantee great styles to suit everybody at every budget.

With a Next gift card from VEX, you can treat yourself to a wardrobe refresh, style your home in the latest interior trends, discover your new favourite holy grail beauty products and find the perfect presents for little ones, family and friends – all with one handy gift voucher.

VEX Corporate provides digital gifting solutions for organisations of all sizes, with eGifts from the world’s biggest brands guaranteed to delight staff, customers and clients. Explore our growing range of corporate gift cards, sent complete with your unique business branding and designed to grant easy, instant access to the UK’s top retailers. Order our Next gift cards today and discover how Voucher Express can transform your reward systems.

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