Christmas is the ideal time to focus on staff reward and recognition, and a simple, effective way to do so is gifting Gift Cards and eGift Cards to your staff this year. Read on to see our advice on why and how to best celebrate your staff this Christmas.

As Christmas draws closer, it’s a time to recognise the value that your staff members bring to your business throughout the year, especially as the festive period may increase workloads, depending on your business. Promote staff retention and staff happiness through recognising the time and effort spent by members of your businesses to deliver high quality work. The use of staff gifting to signify thanks is an extremely common and useful method, especially around the festive period. With the busyness of Christmas, we want to offer guidance on giving digital, online Gift Cards to staff members, so that your business’ gifting can be as simple and effective as possible.

Why give a Gift Card?

There are many benefits to gifting with a Gift Card which will not go unmissed by your recipient. It’s core benefit, is that giving a Gift Card enables the recipient to buy whatever they would like from the chosen shop. Giving freedom of choice to buy what the person truly wants or needs, meaning no unwanted gifts or wasted money spent. Your staff will appreciate the sentiment of the gift, along with the ability to pick something which they’d like, rather than receiving generic gifts which may not be of any value or even usable to some staff members. It also gives you the satisfaction of having gifted well.

Why choose an eGift Card over a Gift Card?

The difference between Gift Cards and eGift Cards is the format of the gifts. Gift cards are generated as a physical card or voucher, whereas eGift Cards are digitally sent via email and/or text as a QR code or barcode and they can be conveniently added to a digital wallet (GooglePay/ApplePay). One large benefit of eGift Cards is the ability to send instantly or schedule delivery for a specific date and time, meaning you can send out in bulk to all staff members in one go, or schedule delivery for an exact moment in the future. Delivery is free and simple, meaning once ordered and confirmed you can sit back, relax and wait for the thanks. Another huge benefit of sending a digital Gift Card, too, is that it’s waste-free and sustainable.

What is the best eGift Card to give?

The beauty of giving a digital Gift Card is the ease of sending, so you can spend time thinking about which Gift Card in particular is best suited to your staff. We’ve come up with a list of a few of our most popular eGift Cards here:

  1. Amazon Gift Cards are hugely popular due to the broadness of their market, meaning almost everyone could make use of the gift!
  2. Apple Gift Cards are always in demand due to the versatility of the redemption. Gift cards can be use in stores, online, on Apple TV, iTunes, Apple Music, Apple Books, the App Store and other apple Properties!
  3. Uber Eats eGift Cards are commonly gifted by businesses to offer staff “dinner on us”. With so many different cuisines and food choices, there’s something for everyone!
  4. Marks and Spencer eGift Cards may be the perfect choice for your staff, due to their wide-range of high-quality items. From classic, well-made clothing and homeware to their award-winning foods, there’s so much for your staff to choose from.
  5. For a Gift Card offering direct support and understanding to the cost of living crisis we’re currently facing, you may be interested in looking at the VEX Supermarket Gift Card. Redeemable across many of the most popular supermarkets in the UK, it can be used towards your staff’s Christmas grocery shopping as a huge thank you for all their work.

If you would like to hear more about the eGifts we offer please get in touch with our sales team today and they can help you pick the perfect eGift Card for your business just in time for Christmas!