Reward your staff on their birthdays with corporate birthday gift cards from Voucher Express. Shop corporate gift vouchers in bulk to ensure you mark every occasion at your company and show your appreciation for employees on their special day.

Available in physical and e-gift card formats, browse our wide range of corporate birthday vouchers here – from top retail brands to restaurants and experience days. With corporate gift vouchers, your staff can choose what they spend it on – each gift card equals a tailored birthday present for every one of your employees. The vast range of options are suitable for all staff, and allow your token of appreciation to become even more personal.

Why you should consider gift cards for staff birthdays


Choosing a multi choice gift card that can offer the recipient a range of retailers and restaurants is a fantastic way to allow staff to choose where and how they spend their gift. Perhaps you know your recipient is a foodie… but you’re not sure which restaurant they would most like to dine at. Giving this flexibility to the recipient could be the difference between an memorable gift and an forgettable gift.

A time saver

Looking for the perfect gift can take time. Whether it’s looking around the high street, or browsing the web for inspiration it can be a time consuming activity. A gift card option eliminates the need for long drawn out hunts for that special gift, and instead passes this chore onto the recipient who knows exactly where to find their perfect gift!

Sticking to the budget

Selecting a gift card is one of the easiest way to stick to a budget. It is common to overspend on a colleague’s birthday or special occasion as gift wrapping, cards, balloons, and the gift itself can soon add up to well over the agreed budget. Create a clear boundary by opting for a corporate gift card, and save on the awkward you-owe-me conversations.

Make celebrating staff birthdays easy with corporate gift cards. Enquire about gift cards for your business today, and buy employee birthday gift vouchers here.