With Naked Wines, choose from 400 quality wines, delivered direct to your door

Launched in 2008, Naked Wines is a crowd funded wine business which has currently invested more than £25 million in more than 130 winemakers worldwide. With 330,000 ‘Naked Angels’ and growing, they put £25 each month into a fund, equating to £4 million a month. The money is used to back talented winemakers all around the world, providing customers with a great, cost-effective alternative to supermarkets and allowing passionate winemakers to make a living, refining their wines, rather than being ripped off by supermarkets and investing money unnecessarily into agents and distributors.

This is great news, as for many years, the big supermarkets have been dominating the market, churning out cheap, production line wine and slapping on an expensive label to sell at a premium price. While supermarkets win, smaller and talented wine makers can’t compete, and are forced to close. This is a shame, as these winemakers usually have amazing stories, offering quirky and interesting wine not found anywhere else, compared to mass produced wine made to a fixed recipe. This is the exact reason why Naked Wines was started: to provide quality wines at cost effective prices- all with a money backed guarantee as well.

We know at this point you may be thinking that we are just another wine club, but we can re-assure you that this is not the case, and you’re not locked into a contract. Simply visit the website and choose which day you’d like delivery and cancel whenever you like. No tie ins, no hidden extras, and no middlemen, just a range of 400 quality wines from 120 talented winemakers delivered directly to your door at a great price.

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