Renowned for quality clothing, food and homewares, M&S is one of the most historic and iconic of British brands

M&S started in 1884 when the immigrant Michael Marks travelled to Northern England from Belarus, starting a stall at Kirkgate Market, Leeds. With continual hard work, his simple homewares stall was soon thriving, leading him to join forces with Tom Spencer, a cashier from Dewhirst who helped with startup costs. It was from here that ‘Marks and Spencer’ and its Penny Bazaar stores were born.

Fast forward to today, and Marks and Spencer are one of the best-known British retailers, well known for quality food, clothing and homewares and trusted by millions of customers worldwide through its 405 stores and 100 different websites.

Food from M&S is known for its quality, freshness, and sustainable background, as well as being easy to cook. It has formed new partnerships with existing brands like Ocado and Costa Coffee.

Clothing and homewares from M&S are modern and stylish, offering great value and quality. With a long-standing commitment to these values, M&S are revolutionising their ranges, with an emphasis on everyday value and introducing guest brands online to help make as relevant a range as possible.

Products are high quality and good value, and this includes own brand and third-party brands. However, products are created by also doing the right thing for people and the planet.

In addition to clothing and homewares, M&S also offer a bank which offer services like credit cards, savings, and insurance products.

Looking to the future is important for M&S, which is why they put sustainability at the heart of everything they do. In 2021, they introduced a business transformation programme with the aim of delivering long term, sustainable and profitable growth for colleagues, investors, and wider communities.

People are also important to M&S. This includes finding the right talent and showing a commitment to customers. The business employs around 65,000 colleagues, providing a safe and healthy working environment, along with a culture promoting diversity, inclusivity, personal development, and respect.

Responsible sourcing and human rights are something M&S has always been well known for. Specifically, by making sure products are responsibly sourced and that human rights are respected. Maintaining a sense of community is also important to M&S. Particularly a commitment to listening to customers, colleagues, and local stakeholders.

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