Morrisons sell a range of freshly prepared food from its 497 supermarkets across the UK

Morrisons purpose is to make and provide food everyone is proud of and allow people to eat better with its products. It achieves this through its 497 stores throughout the UK, plus its online offering.

Morrisons source and process half of their fresh food in their own facilities, which allow them to monitor quality closely. In fact, their claim to fame is they have more skilled colleagues than any other retailer preparing fresh food in store.

Around nine million customers pass through Morrisons doors every week, with over 118 colleagues working hard to deliver great service. The online delivery service covers 97% of UK postcodes.

The legacy of Morrisons is Market Street, the brainchild of Sir Ken Morrison, who was at the helm from 1931 to 2017. In Market Street, customers enjoy freshly prepared food and good advice from butchers, fish mongers and deli counters, as well as for bakery and cake products.

Morrisons started out in 1899 by William Morrison, an egg and butter merchant who had a stall at Bradford Market. The business was taken over by Ken Morrison in 1952 and six years later, a shop opened in Bradford city centre with three checkouts. At the time, it was the only self-service food store in the area to also have priced up products.

It wasn’t until 1961 when the very first Morrisons supermarket opened, featuring a whole range of fresh products. This exciting growth led to Morrisons becoming a public company in 1967, then in 1971, Morrisons opened a new head office, warehouse, and factory.

In 1978, Morrisons took over Whelan discount stores and two years later, started fresh food production. Then in 1988, a purpose-built distribution centre opened.

Their landmark 100th store opened in 1999 in the town of Nelson then the following year, the then chairman, Sir Ken, was knighted.

In 2001 Morrisons joined the FTSE 100, then acquired their competitor Sainsburys in 2004. In 2008, Sir Ken stepped down after 55 years. The clothing brand Nutmeg was launched in 2013, followed by their online food offering the following year. A roll out of new stores happened in 2016 while a plant nursery was acquired in 2020. Morrisons issue share capital was acquired in 2021 by Clayton, Dubilier and Rice.

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