Experience signature cooking with ‘The Masters of Steak’, Miller & Carter

At Miller & Carter, their mission is to find the perfect steak. This starts out in the field, moving to the butchers block, and finally to the grill, with only the best and most flavoursome cuts making the grade. For these reasons, the brand has rightly been awarded ‘The Masters of Steak’ from the Craft Guild of Chefs. This recognition goes to show how Miller & Carter work relentlessly to be the leaders in their field, specifically by conducting in-detail inspections of their field to work practices. This includes scrutinising the way the cattle are reared, and how the steak is butchered, aged and cooked.

Miller & Carters goal is to create a signature experience on every plate that leaves their kitchen. This always starts by using 30-day matured British and Irish beef. As a member of the Craft Guild of Chefs, Miller & Carter are recognised for their high standards of professional cooking, which is achieved through in-house education and training, where their chefs are trained to prepare and cook steaks to exact individual preferences. Additionally, all their beef is meticulously and ethically sourced from trusted farmers. Because of this, customers can always expect the very best food when visiting a Miller & Carter Steak Restaurant.

At Miller & Carter, the ‘Four Stages of Excellence’ is what Sets them Apart from the Rest

The first stage begins in the field, where they work with only a few select suppliers, providing fully traceable and high-quality meat. This includes using farms which are ‘Red Tractor’ approved and are part of sustainable beef schemes.

Next, the cut is aged to perfection for at least 30 days to ensure the right level of succulence and this is achieved over the watchful eye of the master butcher.

Once this stage is complete, the meat is hand cut to precision, and the ideal balance of tenderness and marbling is achieved by only using the finest cuts of forerib, sirloin, fillet, and rump.

The final step is the cooking! At Miller & Carter, customers can always expect a steak cooked to perfection, whether this is a soft fillet steak, or a sirloin packed with flavour. Their chefs know that the perfect steak is all down to allowing the steak to breathe before cooking, plus the right timings, and allowing it to rest afterwards to lock in flavour and tenderness.  Their knowledge and skill allow them to be one of the best kept secrets in steak.

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