For business gifts, choose Leisure Vouchers Gift Cards & eGifts to suit all tastes

Leisure Vouchers Gift Cards and eGifts are operated by Virgin Incentives, one of the best-known Gift Card and voucher providers with 25 years experience in the leisure and incentive industry. They were acquired in 2007 from Whitbread when they took over the previously successful Leisure Vouchers brand. They have grown into the widest ranging lifestyle voucher brands in the UK, along with a fresh new design and logo. As a result of building strong relationships with key partners over the years, customers can now enjoy a range of options for eating out, entertainment, holidays and much more! So, whether customers are simply looking to buy a couple of vouchers as thank you gifts, or a large number as part of a business incentive or rewards scheme, they are always guaranteed peace of mind and a good day out.

How a customer uses a Leisure Voucher is up to them, whether they wish to drive a Ferrari at Silverstone, take it easy at a relaxing day in a health spa or have an evening out at their favourite restaurant.

Buying and using a Leisure Voucher eGift is easy. Once the eGift has been activated, it can be used at a range of different establishments. For those who have never used a Leisure Voucher eGift for payment before, redemption is simple. The retailer simply enters the eGift details into the appropriate field on their system.

For business eGifts, Leisure Vouchers offer a whole range of different things to do, like eating and drinking, fun days out and memorable holidays. Leisure Vouchers only work with the most well-known brands, starting from just £5. This makes them perfect for rewards and motivation programmes. They are super easy to spend, working the same way as cash.

Alongside their main offering, rewards brands such as Virgin Experience Days and Virgin eGift Cards are also on offer. As the business is a one stop shop, it suits most audiences, plus because of the range on offer, the hassle of having to change suppliers is eliminated. Customers can get access to a dedicated business manager, plus backup support from marketing, customer service and finance at no extra cost.

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