H&M sell affordable essentials, accessories and workout gear for all tastes and seasons

H&M are a fashion retailer, offering the perfect combination of quality, price and sustainability. In their stores, customers will find everything they need for their wardrobe, including affordable essentials, accessories and workout gear for all tastes and seasons.

H&M was started in 1947 by Erling Persson who opened a ladieswear store in Västerås, Sweden. His aim was to make fashion affordable to all by creating a customer focused, responsible and value driven company.

The brand grew significantly in 1968, when the apparel and fishing equipment retailer was acquired by Mauritz Widforss, prompting a change in name to Hennes and Mauritz. The new brand diversified, offering men’s and children’s clothing, plus fashion for all the family, growing to 42 stores by 1969 and promoting international growth.

By 1974, H&M was listed on the stock exchange, then in 1998, an online store was launched, while a major outlet was also launched at 5th Avenue in New York the same year.

H&M have always been heavily focused on sustainability, launching a sustainable collection in 2010. By 2022, they were proud to announce that 84% of their goods were made of recycled and sustainable materials. By 2040, they aim to achieve net zero emissions.

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