Discover a range of contemporary, stylish homeware with Habitat

Habitat was launched in 1964, initially being called ‘Conran’, as this was the name of the founder, Sir Terence Conran. His aim was to launch a new way to discover contemporary homewares from Europe, like paper pendant shades and modern up to date furnishings.

His mission was realised when he opened his first store in Fulham Road, Chelsea. The brand became very successful, as at the time, dried pasta had just been discovered in the UK, and Conran was one of few retailers who sold cheap pasta storage jars.

The 70s was a busy era for the retailer. A new way of shopping was introduced in their stores in the way of takeaway racks, where customers could choose their own flatpack items. They also launched a basics range for customers badly affected by the recession. In addition to this, they also introduced an ‘essential elements’ range house pack service which provided all items needed to furnish a 3-bedroom house. As this was happening, Habitat was rapidly expanding throughout the UK and even opened a new store in Paris, while also launching its first product catalogue.

The 80s was yet another exciting era for the retailer, firstly with the launch of the ‘graffiti sofa’, then a new cookware range in partnership with chef Michel Guerard. By 1985, the ‘City Living’ collection was launched, followed by fitted bathrooms inspired by fabrics and wallpapers from the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The retailer celebrated its 30th birthday in 1994, launching a major exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. An art club was then launched, with paintings from young artists and limited-edition prints.

When the brand was taken over by Sainsburys in 2016, the brand went entirely online. Now, customers can buy their favourite contemporary furniture, garden items, furnishings, storage, lighting, cooking/dining and electrical items all in one convenient location.

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