Choose an exciting outdoor activity for you and your family with Go Ape

Go Ape started 20 years ago when Rebecca and Tristram Mayhew were trekking through France with their family when they witnessed another family swinging through the trees. Seeing the fun and enjoyment this could bring, this planted an idea for a future business which they continue to run this very day.

When they first started out, some of their friends and family thought they were crazy. However, others were very much on their side. With this encouragement, they made the bold move to leave their boring corporate jobs, sell all their worldly possessions and borrow everything they possibly could.

Despite their humble beginnings, its safe to say that Go Ape has come a long way from its first location at Thetford Forest in 2002. They now have 35 locations here in the UK, as well as 15 in the US, which around 10 million customers have enjoyed so far.

But the exciting journey is far from over yet for Go Ape. They have plans to become the best adventure company out there, helping their customers to create new adventures, live life more excitingly and be more socially and environmentally responsible, with a firm commitment to their charity work as well.

Are you ready to live life adventurously?

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