Access 100s of European destinations quickly & cheaply with environmentally friendly travel from Eurostar

The Eurostar is the only high-speed train linking the UK to France, Belgium and the Netherlands via the Channel Tunnel. Since 1994, the Eurostar has taken travellers between big cities like Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Lille, not to mention Disneyland Paris as well!

The Eurostar was initially based out of London Waterloo International but in November, moved to its brand-new home at St Pancreas International, which also happened to coincide with the second section of the UKs first high-speed line, HS1.

The popularity of the Eurostar has exploded since 1994, more than doubling the number of passengers travelling between major destinations like London, Paris, Brussels and the Netherlands. One reason this has happened is that travellers can access hundreds of major European destinations in just one change. But this hasn’t been the only reason for its success, and constant innovation has also played its part, like introducing business lounges and a loyalty programme.

The Eurostar also offers great convenience to the modern traveller, making it in many cases, better than air travel, with no baggage worries, concerns about carrying liquids or security. Not to mention quicker travel times and great prices. The Eurostar is also popular with travellers conscious about the environment, boasting 90% less carbon dioxide emissions than air travel. Many passengers choose the Eurostar due to fast journey times. London to Lille only takes one hour and twenty-two minutes!

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