Ecologi inspire SMEs to act against global climate issues like global warming and biodiversity loss

Ecologi started back in 2019 with a mission to inspire businesses to act against global climate issues. When picking up his morning coffee, the co-founder, Elliot, wondered what would happen if he, instead, spent that money addressing the current climate crisis. It was this curiosity which led him to realize that there were already multiple solutions to this problem already available, and by using worldwide spare change, plus collective action, his ideas could well become a reality. From this idea, Ecologi was born. Taking its name from two of the biggest threats to humanity – global warming and biodiversity loss, it started as a subscription service for those wanting to act against climate problems.

In the early days, the business was a combination of family and friend involvement. Elliot himself was experienced in product development, while his wife, Lucy was a talented web designer and illustrator. Soon, their friend Alex joined them, who happened to be a talented developer and entrepreneur who himself had recently finished creating his own subscription product. From this initial small team, the business soon grew, achieving impressive targets such as the planting of over 60 million trees and the reduction of over 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Fast forward to the present day, and the business is now based around a number of important values. These include an emphasis on teamwork to achieve great things, allowing people to see their environmental impact, and putting ‘innovation’ and ‘heart’ at the centre of everything they do. Trust and transparency are equally important. At Ecologi, financials and board meetings are openly shared, so staff and customers alike can see the positive impact created.

Ecologi encourages SMEs to start their own climate action journey, with tools and advice at every step of the way. At the start, the idea is to determine the SMEs’ overall impact on the environment, otherwise known as ‘Ecologi Zero’. If businesses wish, they can also visualize the carbon footprint of individual employees or even see this impact in their very own ‘virtual forest’. Once they’ve determined this, they can then choose to fund different climate projects and share the results on various profiles, dashboards, and leader boards.

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