Fancy a takeaway? Banish hunger with the Deliveroo gift card from VEX Corporate

When Will Shu, Deliveroo’s founder, moved to London in 2013, he discovered a city bursting with culinary delights- but he was amazed that so few of them delivered. From there, he made it his personal mission to bring the magic of local, independent restaurants to people’s doors. What followed was a disrupter company with one aim: to fill bellies.

Now operating in 11 markets worldwide, Deliveroo is a fast and reliable food delivery service connecting consumers to great food. Since its founding in the early 2000s, Deliveroo has grown rapidly, now working with over 160,000 restaurants- including big-name chains, independent eateries and even supermarkets and small grocery shops. Innovation is at the forefront of Deliveroo’s business model, too. Hungry customers can track their meals from restaurant kitchen to road to door- all from the convenient Deliveroo app.

Your Deliveroo gift voucher grants you access to all this and more. So, whenever hunger pangs start to show, there’s a takeaway in town ready to make your mouth water- whether it’s a cheeky curry for one while your partner’s out of town, feeding a rowdy crowed on Game Night with sourdough pizzas from your favourite Italian place, the finest sushi to get the juices flowing on that Romantic Date Night, or a post-Saturday-night feast when you’re feeling rough, you’ll find something to satiate those cravings on Deliveroo.

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