Front of modern Currys store with large advertising screen to right and shrubs bottom right with parking bollards across bottom of image.

Buy your Favourite Tech Online and In Store with Currys

Currys is a well-known technology retailer, selling online and through its 830 stores across eight different countries. Their mantra is to help everyone enjoy amazing tech, regardless of how they shop. With 32,000 employees in total, they are very much the market leader in their field.

Currys have made it easier than ever for their customers to discover, choose and afford the right tech for them. So why are they so successful? They have an unrivalled range of products and services on offer, along with credit options to suit most pockets.

As a retailer, they believe that technology has the power to keep people connected, healthy, productive and entertained and can even help people lead better lives.

The business started off in 1884 as a bike building business and by 1927 were selling a range of hi-tech products like radios and gramophones, while also trading on the stock market. By 1984, it had been acquired by Dixons, then in 2001, launched online.

Over the years, it went through various mergers and acquisitions until eventually, introducing combined PC World, Currys and Carphone Warehouse stores in 2015. Team Knowhow was launched in 2017, offering delivery, care, repair and expert advice on a range of different tech. Then in 2021, Currys PLC was formed, combining all brands.

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