Costa – the Nations Favourite for Fine Quality Coffee

Starting in London in 1971, Costa is now the nations favourite for fine quality coffee.

It all started with Sergio and Bruno who had a personal mission to make great coffee a part of everyday life. They started by working tirelessly in their own modest brewery, testing around 112 different variations and eventually settling for their new signature blend, ‘Mocha Italia’. They were so confident in their choice that they’ve stuck by this choice right up to the present day!

Later in 1978, Sergio and Bruno built a new roastery, where they produced their signature blend for some of the best establishments in London. Then three years later, their Vauxhall Bridge Road branch opened. This was a big milestone for Costa, as it was the first café in London to serve drinks from porcelain cups and the first brand to introduce the flat white in the UK.

A new state-of-the-art roastery opened in 2017, producing 45,000 tonnes of coffee a year. One stand out feature was sustainable production, particularly the sourcing of coffee beans from 100% rainforest alliance certified farms.

Today, Costa still stands to its commitment to quality through putting baristas through it’s very own training academy, where Baristas can even compete in the ‘Barista of the Year’ award!

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