Farewell Gift Cards

Employee Leaving Gift Cards

Our Corporate Farewell Gift Cards offer a thoughtful way to honour departing team members. With a great selection of options, ranging from experiences to sought-after brands, these Gift Cards enable you to send heartfelt  well wishes to those leaving your team.

Whether it’s commemorating their time with memorable outings or gifting them the freedom to choose a meaningful present, our farewell Gift Cards ensure a touching and thoughtful send-off.

How can your staff spend their Employee Leaving Gift Cards

Say goodbye to employees who are moving on or retiring by offering them our range of Employee Leaving Gift Cards, tailored to their hobbies and interests. Whether they’re craft enthusiasts, garden lovers, or seeking a unique experience, our options like the Hobbycraft Gift Card or National Garden Gift Voucher are great options.

Provide them with unforgettable moments through experience-based gifts like Leisure Vouchers  to enjoy entertainment or holidays. Or National Trust where recipients can visit preserved historic and natural treasures across the UK.

If you’re uncertain about the perfect Corporate Farewell Gift Card, our multi-choice VEX Gift Card caters to a range of interests, helping to take the guesswork out of corporate gifting.

VEX Gift Card

Need More Corporate Gift Inspiration?

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