Discover the best beauty and healthcare products with a Boots gift card from VEX Corporate.

The UK’s leading health and beauty retailer, Boots offers a suit of healthcare services, from prescriptions to eye care, and a huge selection of best-selling cosmetic and beauty brands across its high street stores.

Founded in 1849, Boots has grown from strength to strength, with taking first prize for the most visited health and beauty website in the UK. Between its professional health services, innovative own-brand cosmetics lines, and the world’s top brands in stock.

And with over 53,000 employees across 2.200 stores, ranging from local community pharmacies to large health and beauty superstores. Boots has cemented itself into the fabric of everyday British life. With a Boots gift voucher, you’ll have access to an unrivalled selection of beauty brands and cosmetics from Fenty Beauty to Urban Decay. L’Oréal Paris, Morphe and much more. Or, explore Boot’s own-brand exclusives, such as NO 7, 17 and Soap & Glory, for high- quality and affordable products that utilise the best ingredients and never compromise on quality.

Better yet, every purchase made with a Boots gift card gives you points back on your Advantage Card. Sign up to unlock exclusive rewards, save up to a 1/3 on best-selling products and earn 1 point per pound to save money on those got-to-have beauty essentials.

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