Allow your friends and family to experience the Crypto revolution securely with BitCard

BitCard is the premium eGift provider, launched back in 2018. With 26 years experience in eGifts, it takes safety and transparency of customers money seriously.

If you want to allow a friend or family member to experience the crypto revolution through a safe and simple eGift, then a BitCard is a great choice. Utilising the king of cryptocurrencies- BitCoin, cash is added to the card and can be redeemed at any time, in any location. Transactions occur instantly and customers don’t require any extra software and don’t have to link their account to a crypto exchange.

BitCard eGifts make buying BitCoin as easy to purchase as any type of eGift, being the ideal way to easily buy, gift and send BitCoin to friends, family, employees and virtually anyone! BitCard eGifts make use of the traditional Gift Card system, where anyone can easily buy and send BitCoin to friends, staff, or family. Making a great gift for birthdays or holidays, they make for an easy and safe way to give BitCoin.

There are lots of advantages to choosing BitCard as an eGift. Perhaps the biggest positive of giving one is offering the gift of security. When buying a BitCard eGift, you can be reassured that your funds will be held in secure cloud storage and fully insured. Private keys are securely stored offline and incorporate multiple security steps.

They offer bank grade security, with no minimum or maximum fees and can be redeemed in real time. They can be easily redeemed, with personalised support, a secure platform, and a regulated environment.

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