Discover the world, one accommodation at a time!

Created in 2007, Airbnb has become one of the world’s most well known travel and hospitality brands. Airbnb offers its customers unique stays and unforgettable experiences.

With over 6 million active listings, the brand offers keen travellers a unique accommodation in destinations all over the world. Whether you are looking for an ultra-cool villa in Bali, or a quirky yurt in Canada, Airbnb has literally millions of options. Airbnb can offer its users so many options when it comes to overnight accommodation and is a great option for making a trip unforgettable.

The Superhost category is awarded to hosts who have went above and beyond to their guests to provide outstanding hospitality. The beauty of having a super host is that they can offer the very best recommendations, give you advice on the surrounding area, and help overcome any language barriers. This is the very best award that a host can receive on Airbnb and is another exciting way to make a trip special.

While not everyone enjoys staying in a host’s accommodation, Airbnb offers luxury, private, villas in relaxing beach resorts and compact apartments in vibrant, international cities like Singapore or Buenos Aires. You can also stay in unique and funky properties, as the brand also offers fun categories like Farms, National Parks, and even Off-Grid properties.

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