About Scottish Water

Scottish Water look after Scotland’s most precious natural resource. From source to tap, they’re trusted to keep customers supplied with world class water and care for the environment every minute of every day.


Scottish Water were looking for a way to reward all members of staff (4700) at Christmas. They wanted something that they could easily distribute to suit staff from a wide range of demographics.


VEX Rewards allowed Scottish Water to distribute a Digital eGift Card link, in bulk, to all of their staff members. Staff members were then able to choose their own branded eGift from an extensive range of Gift Cards.


Every member of staff received their eGift at the same time. Employees were happy as they could choose from a large selection of retailers, so it was great for Scottish Waters diverse workforce.

The Story

Scottish Water initially got in touch with the Voucher Express B2B team Christmas in 2020. They were looking for a way to effectively reward all members of staff with a Christmas voucher and wanted something that they could easily distribute to suit staff from a wide range of demographics.

Previously Scottish Water had a budget for each team to have a Christmas party. Due to the laws surrounding gatherings and restrictions due to Covid-19, Scottish Water needed a way to still thank their staff and this is where Voucher Express stepped in.

The Benefits to Scottish Water

Due to the success of the seasonal gifting, Scottish Water now use the Vex Rewards platform to issue long service awards, staff recognition and ad-hoc gifting.

Some of the benefits to Scottish Water:

  • The VEX Rewards reporting suite, which allows Scottish Water sight of when their employee’s have claimed their eGift. If the Gift hasn’t been claimed Scottish Water could send out a reminder email.
  • Quality brands available for their employees to choose from
  • Quick & Easy to distribute to a large employee base
VEX Mobile

What Scottish Water say

“VEX is a great way for Scottish Water to reward our people in a way that is useful to their own needs. The portal and reporting function gives is the control and visibility we need to issue vouchers to thousands of employees confidently, and having a VEX sales associate on hand to answer any queries is an extra layer of assurance.”

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