Gift Cards for employees

Whether you seek to reward achievements, celebrate milestones, or simply express gratitude, these Corporate Gift Cards for employees help to motivate and acknowledge team members within your organisation.

With Voucher Express, you are able to purchase eGift Cards as well as Gift Cards in bulk for your employees, which are great options for celebrations such as Christmas and Easter.

How can your staff spend their Employee Gift Cards?

A Gift Card They Will Love

Corporate Gift Cards for employees can say more than you might think, they offer a clear acknowledgement of their achievements and your gratitude towards them. You can also ensure a personalised touch to the gifting experience by selecting a Gift Card that you know they’ll love, based on their interests and passions. Explore our selection of Gift Cards offering a wide range of options, so that you can find the perfect token of appreciation for each individual on your team.

DIY Enthusiasts

Embrace the DIY enthusiasts in your team with Employee Gift Cards from B&Q and Hobbycraft. For the budding interior decorators in your team, shop our selection of homeware Gift Cards including John Lewis, IKEA and Homesense.

The Gift of Choice

We also offer a selection of multi-choice Gift Cards including The Restaurant Gift Card for the food connoisseurs within your team, which offers an array of dining experiences. The Travel Card by Inspire grants your staff access to a world of adventures. An alternative choice is our VEX Gift Card which caters to a range of interests, helping to take the guesswork out of corporate gifting.

Need More Corporate Gift Inspiration?

For more staff gifting inspiration and Gift Card ideas, take a look at our hub for Seasonal Corporate Gift ideas or check out the VEX blog and find more ways to show your appreciation to your staff .